250 Rockland Jobs Lost: Verizon Cutting Back its Orangeburg Staff

Verizon announced they will be cutting jobs at its Orangeburg facility by May 31.

Spokeswoman, Kim Ancin said Verizon will be reducing their workforce in Rockland by a third, or 250 positions, leaving only 500 jobs available at the Rockland site. The workers whose jobs are in the balance will have the choice of receiving a bonus to transfer to Verizon facilities in Greensville, South Carolina; Irving, Texas; or Tampa, Florida, or simply accepting a severance payout worth approximately $10,000, employees at the facility told the Rockland County Times.

“We’re relocating our telesales team out of Orangeburg, but the site itself will remain open,” Ancin said. “We wanted to give our employees enough lead time so they can make the right decisions.”

“This is an egregious example of corporate abuse — among the worst we have witnessed during the six years of this administration,” a spokesperson for governor Cuomo, Rich Azzopardi said, complaining the company did not provide employees adequate notice.

Employees interested in transferring will get two days of pay to travel to one of the new sites and Verizon will pay the travel costs up to $500. Prior to the current developments Verizon had gone on several hiring sprees for the Orangeburg location over the past six years.

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