Locker room or real life? Let the voters decide


This presidential cycle trumps (no pun intended, okay, pun intended) all that has gone before in modern history—since we are all mortal, no one can say if Washington rocked and rolled behind Martha’s back—but the choice between a successful businessman and a career politician is something we’ll all be talking about for years to come, no matter who wins.

The demonizing of Donald Trump by the mainstream media has found many looking for alternative news—turning to, and other web-based newscasts. Wikileaks is also having a field day with Hillary Clinton, catching her in one misstep after another You Tube videos are burning up the Web, catching Clinton in her constantly changing views on policy, gay marriage, husband Bill’s “indiscretions,” Benghazi, 33,000 missing e-mails and the myriad of changing tunes she has sung since she came on the American political scene from the Chicago political machine.

The latest faux-pas Trump has had thrust upon him is the “dirt” he dished with buddies in 2005. Yes, women find it disgusting and detestable, yet many of those same women say Trump’s sexual utterances with the “boys” is nothing new to them, even though women find that kind of chatter just plain gross.

Hillary Clinton, in the limelight during the 30 years she has been in politics, has continually changed her tune—including her stance on gay marriage; praising NAFTA, now trashing it;  beating up Obama continually when she ran against him for the presidency in 2008, then failing herself to create a healthcare plan for the U.S.; claiming she “landed under sniper fire on her trip to Bosnia,” while in fact, she greeted a child as she sashayed down the tarmac with daughter Chelsea. She also seems to be a little lax on what exactly happened in Benghazi. And where are those 33,000 e-mails?

She has turned a blind eye to her husband’s many kinky sexual indiscretions, which found him facing impeachment during his own presidency–perhaps because she was busy with her own? And who can forget Whitewater?

What makes Hillary run and believe she deserves to be our next president?  She’s a woman. Apparently, it is her only real selling point.  Years of televised interviews have shown her to repeatedly “change her mind,” whether it is on gay marriage, trade, her ill-fated role as Secretary of State or those missing e-mails FBI director James Comey said she had illegally destroyed.

When John F. Kennedy ran for president against Richard Nixon, people were aghast that Kennedy, a Roman Catholic, might win the Oval Office. None of his fascinating assignations with women were media fodder. No one was printing anything about FDR’s sexual antics while Eleanor visiting veterans in local hospitals. The World Wide Web did not exist in their time.

Overall, Trump’s comments about what powerful, good looking men can get away with pale in comparison with what Clinton’s years in the political limelight have shown her to be: dishonest in her statements and actions and saying whatever will make her look more attractive to the American public or help her escape prosecution, not to mention the very real allegations of sexual abuse against her husband.

You may not like Trump, but he’s not a politician, so he’s not as well versed as his opponent.  When you come right down to it, it’s a close race, and many are hoping the Clinton’s won’t be getting a third term in office.

Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, November 7. Whomever is your candidate, let your voice be heard—and make sure the superdelegates and the Electoral College hear it.

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