$125,000 in State Funding to Construct Fire/Rescue Boat Dockage for Piermont Fire Department Marine Response Unit

(Assemblymember Ellen Jaffee (D-Suffern) last week announced she secured $125,000 in state Capital Improvement Project Funding to help the Village of Piermont/Piermont Fire Department pay for construction of Fire/Rescue Boat Dockage for its primary marine response unit.

The Fire/Rescue Boat Dockage to be constructed at the end of the Piermont Pier will enable the Piermont Fire Rescue Team to quickly access deep water on a consistent basis regardless of the tides so they can respond to emergencies on the Hudson River in a matter of minutes. Additionally, it would enable the Piermont Fire Department to keep its primary marine response unit in the water for most of the year and possibly all year.

Piermont Fire Department, the oldest, most experienced marine response unit in the lower Hudson Valley, the sole fire department that provides service along the river throughout the winter months, and the sole department that fields a dive team, currently docks its boat at the Tappan Zee Marina in Piermont.

Fire Department Chief, Daniel Goswick said, “Over the years, this dockage has become heavily silted in, and at low tide Piermont Fire Rescue often has less than two feet of water under its vessel’s hull, which can severely impact the ability to respond quickly to marine emergency calls. The funding..will enhance our marine response capabilities, throughout the summer and winter months.”

Assemblywoman Jaffee said, “I am pleased to provide this funding that will assist our dedicated first responders, who risk their lives, no matter the season or the weather. It is essential that the Piermont Fire Rescue Unit can respond quickly to incidents on the Hudson River. In emergency situations time is of the essence”

Village of Piermont Mayor, Chris Sanders said, “Siting this dock for our River Rescue boat at the deep water end of the pier will vastly increase our response time – not by a measure of seconds, but by 10 –15 minutes. This will have a significant impact on our ability to react to emergencies for communities and mariners on the river. I thank Assemblywoman Jaffee for helping us secure funding for this project and her steadfast dedication to our first responders.”

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