Local Spa Offers Individual Attention and Relaxation


12New area business “Bel Viso, by Kristine” provides men and women in Rockland County with relaxation, facial care and positive energy.

Kristine Koval has been working with her hands for years through sculpture, stained glass work and sketching. Koval helped run a local business in her past career and recently decided she’d like a change.

She became a state licensed aesthetician and shortly thereafter opened Bel Viso, by Kristine in July 2015.

The work is a passion for her. “If I don’t love what I do,” Koval said, “then I’m not going to put my all into it.”

For Koval, creativity and facials go hand in hand. It’s the perfect way for her to use the creative and supportive parts of her personality.

“There are certain ways to do it that help you express that feeling [of relaxation] that you’re trying to accomplish,” she said.

Aestheticians are often known for their facials, which Koval does at both of Bel Viso’s locations in Tomkins Cove and Stony Point. The Tomkins Cove location is the basement of her home with a separate entrance, and the Stony Point location is in a local salon across the road from Hogan’s Family Diner.

She explained everyone has different skin with different needs. Facials get rid of the toxins underneath the skin, and according to Koval some things need to be extracted and focused on during a facial.

“The basics of a facial are determining your clients needs,” she said. From there, she customizes each facial to best suit the client during that visit.

Koval said when she has clients who come in demanding certain treatments or facials, but knows that specific treatment is not meant for that client’s skin, she tells them what their skin really needs.

When the seasons change, skin needs change as well. Cold weather means drier skin that needs to be kept moisturized and Koval requires clients to have a consultation every time they come in.

Koval is focused on giving her clients the best treatment possible and also offers couple’s facials and girl’s night events at her Tomkins Cove location. She works with men and women doing more than just facials. Koval does eyebrow shaping for men along with waxing.

She also offers body treatments that exfoliate the entire body, and aromatherapy in the summer. “It’s a very intimate setting when you have a client that is there, allowing you to touch their face.”

Koval’s calming personality is what helps her clients. She explained that by creating a soothing atmosphere and remaining relaxed, she’s able to help her clients leave feeling refreshed.

“It’s all about the moment where you’re helping them relax, unwind and forget about everything else going on in their lives,” she said.

Koval is known to many in the North Rockland area as an active community volunteer with the North Rockland Chamber of Commerce and other organizations.

Bel Viso, by Kristine can be reached at 845-893-9166 or http://belvisobykristine.com/

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