WIEDER THE STEALER: Conservative Party officials alert voters of “stolen” party line

The Conservative and Reform Party leadership urges voters not to support Aron Wieder, who appears on those party lines

PRESS RELEASE – Conservative Party officials have warned voters in the 98th Assembly District to avoid blindly voting along party lines in the coming November election. Through a write-in campaign, Democrat Aron Wieder (D,C,I) was able to steal the party line from Republican candidate Karl Brabenec (R -Deerpark). Brabenec, the endorsed Conservative Party candidate, will not appear on the Conservative line.

Brabenec’s opponent, Aron Wieder a Democrat from Spring Valley, was able to steal the party line during last month’s primary. Brabenec will appear on the Republican and Tax Cuts Now party lines, and Wieder will appear on the Democrat, Independent, and Conservative lines for the November election.

“The Conservative Party does not support or endorse Aron Wieder as a candidate on the Conservative Party line,” said Conservative Party Chair John Delessio.

“This November conservative voters need to be wary of voting the party line. Karl Brabenec is our endorsed candidate who has a proven conservative track record during his time in Albany, voting to cut taxes, strip corrupt public officials of their pensions and decrease unnecessary government spending. If you would like to vote for a candidate with real conservative ideals and values, please vote for Karl Brabenec on the Republican and Cut Taxes Now party lines.”

Wieder did not actually steal the Conservative line in the legal sense of the word. Hundreds of members of the Orthodox and Hasidic Jewish community have enrolled in the party and in some elections a high turnout from this one group is enough to defeat the candidate endorsed by the party, whether the insurgent is actually Conservative or not. Wieder also managed to sneak onto the Reform Party line, a party whole heartedly opposed to his candidacy

In all Wieder will appear on the Democratic, Independence, Women’s Equality, Green, Reform and Conservative Party lines, while Brabenec will appear on only the Republican and Tax Cuts Now line.

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