Timelines – November 3, 2016

Carousel Cakes Expands Nanuet Location

Rockland’s Carousel Cakes is expanding for the first time in 31 years. Martin Lefkowitz opened the in 1965, and the recipes for the bakery’s made-from-scratch goodies have stayed in the family. The Nanuet location opened in 1980, and the new expansion brings the shop a fresh new lobby and display cases. A glass window allows visitors to see the kitchen at work. Oprah put Carousel Cakes’ Red Velvet cake on her Favorite Things list in 2009. The bakery then created two other flavors for Oprah. With 50 different cakes and 40 cupcakes, Carousel Cakes continues to provide the tri-state area with dessert.


Russia Adds Satan 2 to Arsenal

Russia’s nuclear arsenal has a new weapon, the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile also called “Satan 2.” According to the Russian state news outlet Sputnik, this missile is capable of destroying large pieces of the Earth as big as Texas or France. Russian state news agency TASS reported the rocket’s range is over 6,835 miles and weighs approximately 100 tons. NATO has increased the defense forces in bordering countries. This rocket unveiling comes after the Russian government announced it was going to suspend an arms reduction agreement with the US after Washington’s “unfriendly actions.”


Berkeley Students Protest for Safe Spaces

Students at the University of California, Berkeley, staged massive protests across their campus for safe space. The protestors demanded safe space for LGBT students and people of color. The protest took place on the Sather Gate bridge, preventing others from crossing it to get to class. The multi-day protest was part of a larger movement to increase the public safe spaces on campus. From the bridge, activists went to the campus bookstore and posted “eviction notices,” trying to claim the building as a new safe space for queer students.


Wikileaks Reveals Abedin Warned Clinton About Moroccan Mess

The latest batch of Hillary Clinton emails released by Wikileaks explains that one of Clinton’s top aides Huma Abedin knew Clinton created a mess when agreeing to be a speaker at a Moroccan conference. Clinton received a $12 million donation from the Moroccan government after agreeing to hold a convention there in May 2015 and have Clinton as the keynote speaker. But Clinton did not go – she was busy campaigning for the presidency and sent her husband President Bill Clinton and daughter, Chelsea. According to one of the leaked emails, Abedin wrote Clinton had to be in Morocco in May for the event, and warned if she did not, the $12 million would be off the table. The meeting was officially paid for by OCP, a Moroccan government-owned mining company, accused of human rights violations. Many human rights groups protest the company that also received a $92 million loan guarantee during Clinton’s term as Secretary of State.


New York and Airbnb at Odds Over Legality

New York is attempting to shut down Airbnb in the empire state. Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation on Oct. 21 creating fines for a person who posts advertisements on Airbnb and like sites which supports a 2010 law that outlawed short-term rentals. But the company is fighting this legislation, claiming it is going against the first amendment and coming after citizens for their word and publication choice associated with illegal actions, and not the illegal actions themselves.

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