Trump Rally Today in Tappan NY

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Giulio’s in Tappan

TAPPAN – Grassroots Trump activist Elisa Leone has organized a Rockland/Bergen County voter rally for Donald Trump for the second consecutive weekend.

A rally at Rhode’s North Tavern in Sloatsburg last week attracted a throng of about 500 people, with 100 or so riding in on motorcycles. This week it’s Giulios Restaurant in Tappan hosting Trump enthusiasts on Sunday from 2- 6 p.m.

“Our last rally at Rhodes Tavern in Sloatsburg N.Y. pulled in 500 energized Deplorables who had a great time,” said Leone, who is coorganizing the event with Tom Lynch of the Orangetown Trump Support Center.

“Tappan is where history has happened and history is going to be made again with Donald Trump as our country’s next president,” Leone said.

“We will have color guard, bag pipers, trump truck, live band, motorcylcle clubs, food and drinks. “

“We welcome the diverse group of Amercians who come and show their patriotism and national pride. They are informed, educated and are passionate about ‘Making America Great Again.’  They are not a basket of Deplorables,” said Tom Lynch of the Trump Support Center.

“The last rally proved that Rockland County is poised to elect Donald Trump,” he added.

Giulio’s Resturant, is located in historic Tappan N.Y., the headquarters of George Washington in 1780. It is here where Major John Andre was tried and hanged as a traitor.

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter dropped by the Orangetown Support Center Saturday night to show solidarity with Rockland activists.

Contact Tom Lynch at 845-445-8238 for more details on the Sunday event.

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