“Die Fledermaus (The Bat)” Brings Comic Intrigue to Hudson Lyric; Opera Performance at Trinity United Methodist Church, Stony Point



gd gd2 gd3 gd4 gd5 gd6 gd7 gd8 gd9Johann Strauss Juniors opera, set in Vienna, Austria, New Year’s Eve 1899 includes a very involved tangle of people in various roles caused by their flirtations and ambitions, wonderful music including the famous Viennese waltzes and, as reviewed last Sunday afternoon, three hours plus of great operatic entertainment. Drawing on talent from the Hudson Valley, Lyric continues to excell in its productions with a full-scale orchestra, new talent and professionalism.

As for Die Fledermaus, we get a story of royalty entertaining at a royal ball with a Corps of Ballet and many of those attending are involved in flirtatious affairs. Many are pretending to be someone else and this results in a comedic chain of events including a jail scene, the revelation of a player, Dr. Falke, who earned the name of The Bat, Die Fledermaus in a practical joke at a previous costume ball. There are three acts with each building the intrigue and very funny involvements of the characters of Strauss’ opera.

These include Prince Orlosky, played by Nell McDonald; Alfred (Terence Hyde) who is trying to make love to Gabriel Von Eisenstein’s wife, Rosalinda (played by Andres Perez and Frances McGovern) Adele,the Eisenstein’s chambermaid,(Laura Ann Heckman) Dr.Blind, Eisenstein’s lawyer (Stephen Rush), Frank( William Ramey) and Dr. Falke (John Taylor Thomas). The program of the production outlines all the involvements and the opera is sung and spoken in English. There is a lot of spoken dialogue also.

Adding to the show is the Balback School of Dance led, by Rebecca Balbach performing as the Royal Ballet. “Die Fledermaus” is a very good opera and Hudson Lyric Opera does it well. I rate the production Three Out Of Four Stars!!!


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