Hood & Wolfe Praise Bipartisan Support For Youth Employment Program

Legislators Back Funding To Pay Local Teens

PRESS RELEASE – The Rockland County Legislature has acted to ensure that more than 50 youth participating in a county jobs program continue to earn their modest paychecks through the end of the year.

“These jobs are important for our youth, allowing them to earn a paycheck and gain real-world work experience,” said Legislator Jay Hood Jr. (D-Haverstraw). “An additional benefit is providing these teens with the opportunity to spend their time in a productive, positive way. I want to thank my colleagues on the board for their support of this important program.”

In a bipartisan 16-0 vote on Nov. 2, Legislators backed the transfer of $45,996 from contingency to ensure that the Rockland County Youth Employment Program will be funded through 2016.

“This is the kind of program that can really bring benefits to the wider community,” said Legislature Chairman Alden H. Wolfe (D-Montebello). “Many of the job sites need the help this program funds. At the same time, participants are rewarded with more than just money, acquiring important skills that can help prepare them for future employment opportunities.”

More than 50 participants are currently placed at job sites around Rockland, many of them municipal offices and nonprofit social services organizations. Participants can earn up to $9 per hour.

So many youths signed up to participate, the program ran out of funding, Hood said. He suggested that funding for the program be increased in 2017 to avoid shortfalls in the future.

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