The Rockland Symphony Orchestra is having its’ annual fundraiser in honor of Ed Simons 99th year – almost all the way to 100 with 65 years of continuous conducting – Saturday, November 182-5 p.m. at 23 Dogwood Lane, Pomona. This birthday bash is hosted in one of New York States few geothermal, energy efficient and recycled products home. A tour will be available the day of the event.

riverrun, comprised of Jeremy Wall, Grammy nominated pianist and composer and award winning Jazz flutist John Ragusa, coming from their recent engagements at the Met Museum, are the featured performers for this very special afternoon. If you haven’t heard Mr. Wall and Ragusa together already, you owe it to yourself to come hear them in this space designed for intimate house performances.

There will be refreshing, followed by a jazz concert with Mr. Wall and Mr.Ragusa Afterwards, desserts as well as a raffle for a House Party Basket. Go to for information and to purchase tickets.

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