To the Editor,

This Thanksgiving as we reflect on all that we are grateful for, I am particularly thankful for the support Head Start has provided my family.

As a single parent of three children, Head Start provided critical support for my family. I decided to apply to Head Start after hearing many positive reviews from other friends and coworkers who had gone through the program. My oldest daughter has since graduated from Head Start and my two younger children currently attend Haverstraw Head Start and the West Street CCLC Head Start program.

The transformative impact of Head Start is clear when I look at my children. My oldest daughter is at the top of her class for reading and my children’s vocabulary and conversational skills are significantly stronger. The difference I have noticed in myself is also significant. As a parent, I am much more engaged. I read to my children every night and I previously volunteered with Head Start before starting a full-time job.

During this time of reflection, I give thanks to Head Start for the endless support and encouragement. Without a doubt, Head Start has changed my family’s life and we would not be where we are today without the power and promise of the Head Start Advantage.

Claribel Infante
West Haverstraw

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