Rockland’s “NÜD” new to vitamin industry


nudIf you’re curious to know what’s in that vitamin you’re taking, more often than not, it’s a crapshoot. Since the Food & Drug Adm. doesn’t have a vitamin supplement division, billions of vitamins, powdered drink mixes, “power” drinks and shakes are sold on a personal preference basis. (Recollect the brouhaha in 2015 over GNC, Target and other national chains selling vitamin products and supplements with lots of “fluff” but little substance.)

A new product has to come into the marketplace, one the company’s CFO, Neil Zelman, says will rejuvenate the billion dollar nutrition industry as well as give a sleek look to the medicine cabinet: NUDtrition ™ vitamins.

Zelman has a decade of experience in the senior healthcare industry. He and his two partners, one of who focuses on marketing, wanted to provide a better experience for consumers who often aren’t sure what vitamin does what and how to store them without ignoring them.

“NÜD offers are all top quality natural ingredients,” said Zelman, “processed and manufactured in New York State. We are sourced and based in the United States only and intend to deliver the best vitamin products to our customers.”

NÜD’s bottles’ patented design also highlights what parts of the human body the particular supplement targets: i.e., NÜD’s Vitamin C (1000mg per tablet) indicates it benefits oral health, alertness and supports the body’s collagen on a diagram of the human body on the back of the bottle.

The unique shape of the bottle and its “stackability” appeal are two of the most eye-catching and user-friendly attractions of the product—and Zelman says the ingredients inside the bottles “is just as unique: 100 percent natural with no artificial additives.”

“We know the importance of vitamins to keep healthy, but every single bottle looks like it’s out of the 1970s— not marketable to Millennials,” continued Zelman. “Fast food is struggling, and ‘healthy eating’ is in. NAKED revolutionized the drink industry. AXE deodorant and its products ‘reinvented the wheel’ for men’s personal hygiene. We’re bringing a new package design and quality product to the vitamin industry.”

NÜD debuted at the Natural Products Expo East held in Baltimore, MD in September, 2016. “We’re very excited about our product. Right now, NUD vitamins are available online ( and the principals are exploring growing the company to marketing our products on health food store shelves,” said COO Naomi Ostrove, who is currently readying the company’s Orangeburg corporate headquarters on Dutch Hill Road.

Zelman says plans for future include growth in the company’s Rockland offices. “We are looking for talent that fits our needs…we are going to grow our company carefully and thoughtfully, with the best talent we can find and eventually expect to have 100 employees working in Orangeburg.”

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