To the Editor,

I am not a minority I am an American women. The Democratic mindset to categorize Americans by their gender, the color of their skin, their sexual preference and their country of origin has spun out of control. When it comes to being a citizen of this great nation I want to be referred to as an American, what difference does it make if I am male or female. Donald Trump considers us all Americans and he will unite us with that mindset. I do not expect special privileges grants free scholarships food stamps Section 8 housing because I am a woman. We do not have minorities in this country we are all Americans. Donald Trump has a track record of empowering women, one of the first construction supervisors in this country was appointed by Donald Trump. Even if a woman’s asset was her simple beauty he found a way to embrace and empower them with beauty pageants. I have yet to see substantiation from any American woman who alleges Donald Trump as president would cause them harm. Their arguments have been without merit. As parents we recognize our rearing as our children become adults. It is obvious that Donald Trump has raised his daughters with a great sense of empowerment and respect for self. For the first time in many years I am excited about being an American woman I am excited for the future of our country.


Elise Leone Taylor

Rockland, NY

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