MUST REBUILD OUR CRUMBLING TUNNELS: A Fitting Challenge for Our First Builder-President Donald J. Trump

ob2 obThe history of the lack of vital rail transportation links between New Jersey and New York City is well known since NJ Transit and Amtrak trains have depended upon single tracks since their completion way back in 1908!

When Superstorm Sandy struck back in 2012 matters got much worse and haven’t improved much since that time. Rockland County commuters as well as some others in the rest of the Lower Hudson Valley are greatly impaired by this problem and their strong desire for a “single-seat ride” to New York City can only be realized by the construction of a massive $24 billion project. This project would first rebuild the two crumbling railroad tunnels under the Hudson River and then construct two new tunnels adjacent to them.
Who would be in the best position to oversee the construction of this “Trans-Hudson Tunnel Project,” also known as the “Gateway Project,” but our newly elected President Donald J. Trump?
Decrepit Amtrak tunnel built in 1908...Yikes!  Photo Credit — Amtrak
Decrepit Amtrak tunnel built in 1908…Yikes!
Photo Credit — Amtrak

As a candidate, Trump vowed to make infrastructure projects a top priority. As a long-time New York City resident President-Elect Trump is highly aware that this vital project will help ensure the continuance of the City’s 20 percent contribution to our nation’s Gross National Product.

Most importantly, consider the very large number of high-paying construction jobs  this would bring to the New York and New Jersey  metro area.  Let us all encourage our newly elected President Trump to address this vital mission in the first 100 days of his office.
Go Trump, get it done.

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