Legendary producers Stutler and Funking will publish a history book about their famous Westchester Broadway Theatre
wbtBill Stutler and Bob Funking, owners of the highly successful Westchester Broadway Theatre, in Elmsford, New York, have commissioned author Gary Chattman to write an anecdotal history of the theatre. This fun, theatrical, narrative will date back to July of 1974, when a “An Evening Dinner Theatre” opened.
The book will chronicle the 198 main-stage shows and many specials that have graced the confines of An Evening Dinner Theatre and its successor Westchester Broadway Theatre. The history will contain interviews with and anecdotes from people who helped shape the project into one of the most successful in the dinner theatre genre in all the United States. 
Gary Chattman, author of six published books, is a former teacher/administrator for the New York City Public Schools. He is a concert pianist and teacher, a tutor of various subjects and of Judaic studies. 
He publishes the Westchester Arts and Education Review, a review guide of musical theatre, hotels and restaurants in the tri-state area.
His sixth book, “My Child Left Behind,” published in August 2016, is a critique of Common Core and standardized testing. Chattman welcomes public comment on Westchester Broadway Theatre to add to the book and make it complete!
Contact him at: garychatty@aol.com.

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