Gonzo Iconography in the Hudson Valley

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 9.28.33 AMIn December, photo journalist Aaron Moeller will present his recent work at Art Cafe in Nyack. The collection of photographs is a string of stories told through strikingly raw portraits. It is a narrative that builds as the photographer travels north and south of the Hudson. He takes his camera for a foray into music festivals, weekends working on farms, and empathizing with veterans on Manhattan’s city sidewalks.

Using a 35 millimeter vintage lens he lets the viewer grab a glimpse into  an unfiltered window of strangers from Brooklyn To Beacon. The photographer employs gonzo journalistic muscle as he places himself in the subject’s story. The story of a community built with empathy and peace begin to emerge.

Follow the story on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #hudsonValleyHustle. Art Cafe Nyack is located next to the library, on 65 South Broadway in Nyack.

(Opening reception: Thursday December 8, 2016  6pm)

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