Lalor Praises Cuomo Veto of Corporate Welfare for Video Game, Music Industry, Encourages Him to Reduce or Eliminate Other Subsidies

Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor (R,C,I – East Fishkill) is praising Governor Cuomo for his decision to veto a bill that would have given the music and video game industries $50 million in corporate welfare.

“Governor Cuomo deserves credit for his decision to veto this wasteful corporate welfare,” said Lalor. “Corporate welfare is a form of central planning, undermining the free market and free enterprise. Governor Cuomo should also reconsider his support for New York’s host of failed corporate welfare programs, including the Hollywood tax credits, Start-Up NY, the regional economic development councils and the Buffalo Billion. These programs put unqualified politicians and bureaucrats in charge of the economy. Corporate welfare leads to corruption, as we’ve seen exposed by the Sony hacks and the Buffalo Billion. All of that comes at the cost of billions to taxpayers, while it undercuts the economy. Corporate welfare doesn’t work and I hope Governor Cuomo will take this opportunity to take a second look at all of the expensive, failed and corrupt corporate welfare programs across New York.”

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