Pearl River’s Syncsort in sync with Start Up New York program


picGov. Andrew Cuomo’s StartUp New York program was the golden ticket for data-driven Syncsort, formerly based in New Jersey, its tax free benefits enticing them to move its headquarters to Pearl River.

Initially proposed to attract start-ups and existing businesses to relocate to New York and work in tandem with state universities and colleges, Start-Up NY’s expanded mission now includes private colleges and universities as well.  Start-Up NY was originally intended to be based on campuses in the state’s SUNY system, but that is no longer a requirement, nor is being physically present on the SUNY campus grounds.

As part of StartUp NY, Syncsort will be partnering with New-Rochelle based Iona College.  Creating software and mainframe solutions for U.S. and multi-national companies, many on the Fortune 100 list, Sync sort’s  focus in  partnering with Iona will be on the healthcare industry’s need to go paperless and create better  practices by moving from  hardware to “cloud” technology.

Syncsort has been in business for more than 40 years, emerging as a leader in software solutions and mainframe management, helping clients transition from hardware to “cloud” technology.

“This is a terrific location for us, with easy access to New Jersey, Connecticut and New York City’s markets” said CEO Josh Rogers, who told The Rockland Times the company’s partnership with Iona College will focus on healthcare analytics and other healthcare-related technology.

Syncsort’s website, (, outlines its reach globally, working with resellers and distributors who use its products for IT solutions.

Syncsort’s 144 employees and its corporate staff are reporting for work at Blue Hill Plaza and both they and the company will reap the benefits of the “tax free” zone Start-Up New York offers. Employees benefit by paying no state tax, one of the highlights.

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