Soskin: ‘Remember Sacrifice Made At Pearl Harbor’

Deadly Attack On American Base Came 75 Years Ago Wednesday

PHPRESS RELEASE – As the nation marked the 75th anniversary of the deadly attack on U.S. military forces at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii this Wednesday, Rockland County Legislator Phil Soskin asked all Rocklanders and Americans to pause for just a moment to remember the sacrifices on that “Day of Infamy.”

“It was one of America’s toughest days,” Soskin said. “The damage was extensive to our vessels in the harbor, planes on the ground, and base facilities. Many lives were lost and the injuries were extensive.”

Soskin, age 8 at the time, said news of the attack spread and Americans “were glued to their radios” awaiting an address from President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. On Dec. 8, 1941, the United States declared war with Japan. Days later, the nation had fully entered World War II and was also at war with Germany and Italy.

Soskin, a U.S. Army veteran, attended the Village of Suffern’s annual Pearl Harbor Commemoration Sunday where he also reflected on the attack, including the shockwave it sent across a nation that was ill-prepared for such an offensive. He notes that more than 2,400 service personnel were killed and nearly 1,200 were wounded, in addition to the extensive damage to the American naval fleet stationed at Pearl Harbor.

“Today is the day we remember the price paid by our American military stationed at Pearl Harbor, and it is the day we pause to say ‘thank you’ because we have never and should never forget their sacrifice nor the importance of keeping our guard up,” Soskin said.

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