East Ramapo Lawsuit is Now Resolved

PRESS RELEASE – East Ramapo parents, students, and taxpayers have agreed to resolve their lawsuit after the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled in a split decision that students did not suffer a direct enough injury to sue and must be dismissed from the case. Plaintiffs vehemently disagree with this decision. Although the Taxpayer Plaintiffs’ case remains open, Plaintiffs believe they have successfully achieved most of what they sought to accomplish and have decided not to pursue their remaining injunctive remedies against Defendants.

Plaintiffs’ achieved goals include removing the superintendent, ending illegal payments to non-public religious schools, appointing a monitor with veto power over the budget to oversee the actions of the school board, securing office of civil rights resolution agreements, and ensuring district compliance with the federal and state education laws.

Accordingly, the remaining Taxpayer Plaintiffs have decided to resolve their case by voluntarily dismissing the remaining claim to injunctive relief.

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