Rockland Awarded More Than $3 million From REDC to Support Economic Growth

PRESS RELEASE – Rockland County Executive Ed Day announced today that the county has been awarded more than $3 million in grants to support economic development and preserve the high quality of life in Rockland.

“Our vision of the county as a place where businesses thrive and residents enjoy top-rate services and access to the arts and recreational opportunities has been recognized,” Day said. “Funding these worthwhile projects will help create jobs and boost our economy.”

The awards were made to a variety of businesses, municipalities and non-profits throughout the county including revitalization efforts in Sloatsburg, funds for Jawonio to provide job training and health care to people with disabilities, a high-tech start-up in Pearl River, the Garner Arts Center in Garnerville, redevelopment in Haverstraw, among others.

Rockland is part of the Mid-Hudson region of the state Regional Economic Development Council.

The Mid-Hudson regional was awarded a total of $83.3 million through the competitive application process.

“We put forth a strong plan for “A Renewed Vitality” and look forward to continuing to implement the goals and strategies identified through this year’s competition,” said Meghan A. Taylor, regional director of the Mid-Hudson REDC.

Lucy Redzeposki, the Rockland County Director of Economic Growth & Tourism, said that the grants will boost the policies put in place by the Day administration to bring both people and business to the county.

“The entire region will benefit as Rockland expands its tax base and brings tourists to our area,” she said.

Al Samuels, head of the Rockland Business Association, noted that the awards will help industries grow. Urban Electric Power, Inc., a Pearl River-based company that was awarded $1 million, for example, is a start-up

“It is an outstanding company focused on 21st century green energy that has tremendous opportunity and will draw the attention of others in similar high-tech fields,” he said.

County Executive Day thanked Governor Andrew Cuomo for supporting efforts to bring economic growth to Rockland County.

The projects include:

• $1,000,00 for Urban Electric Power, Inc. Energy Storage Systems Manufacturing Facility. UEP proposes to expand its pilot facility to a full-scale battery manufacturing facility in Pearl River. UEP manufactures game-changing rechargeable zinc manganese dioxide batteries that are non-toxic, without lead or other heavy metals, ideally suited for solar support and reliable power back up. The growing demand requires expansion of manufacturing capacity in a full-scale plant starting in 2018 and reaching full capacity in 2019.

• $825,000 for the Jawonio Health, Wellness and Work Project: Phase II which will complete construction of its new, consolidated campus at 260 North Little Tor Road, New City. Phase II represents a holistic vision for completing Jawonio’s transformative campus revitalization project, with specific emphasis on summer education and workforce training. Without relocating and expanding its program, Jawonio would not be able to serve approximately 115 special needs children every summer.

• $750,000 for the Tuxedo-Sloatsburg Corridor Revitalization Project’s Phase II to transform an underdeveloped stretch of Route 17, encompassing parts of Tuxedo and Sloatsburg, into an attractive gateway to the Catskills. This project includes renovation of the Tuxedo Market, the Tuxedo Tavern, and The Sloatsburg Garden Hotel, the Sloatsburg Antiques/Art Center and the Sloatsburg Farm.

• $125,000 Hudson Valley Center for Innovation Inc., iCANny Innovation, Commercialization and Acceleration Network plans to advance the economic development strategies of the Mid-Hudson Region through its ongoing commitment to key industry sectors and precepts including: entrepreneur development, incubation and commercialization focused in renewable energy, bio-technology, and information technology; business, healthcare and technology education; outreach to middle and high schools; sustainability and innovation forums for municipalities; and incubation and co-working spaces in underserved communities.

• $100,000 for the Village of Haverstraw Comprehensive Plan Update The Village of Haverstraw will update its Comprehensive Plan to include climate adaptation strategies, policies and projects in an effort to decrease vulnerability to climate change. The Village will engage a planning consultant to assist in identifying resiliency strategies and in integrating sustainability considerations into current revitalization plans and projects.

• $67,000 for the Jawonio Workforce Development Training Program to provide both hard and soft skills training for individuals with disabilities, dislocated workers, and other populations with barriers to employment in Rockland County. Individuals will receive training in green commercial cleaning or as a Direct Support Professional.

• $65,000 for the Village of Haverstraw Local Waterfront Revitalization Program Update – Resiliency Planning for Climate Change The Village of Haverstraw will update its Local Waterfront Revitalization Program to identify and integrate resiliency and sustainability policies, programs and strategies with revitalization plans and projects to provide for the future of the village in the era of climate change and sea level rise. The updated plan will take account of recent and planned economic and physical changes, including climate change and sea level rise and revitalization underway in the village to provide a guide for the next 25 years plus.

• $47,720 for the Rockland New York-New Jersey Trail Conference Final Planning Phase of the Bear Mountain Trails Project to create detailed layout, design, and construction documents and specifications to build and rehabilitate the last sections of the Bear Mountain trail network. It will include the layout and design plan to adaptively rehabilitate the historic Spider Hill House as an educational interpretive center. The proposed project sites are located on 3 historic trails, Suffern-Bear Mountain, Major Welch and a connector trail.

• $38,000 for Garner Arts Center to expand its part-time program director position to full-time to increase arts and cultural programming, help stimulate community revitalization and tourism, develop long-term regional clientele, attract and retain residents and young professionals and engage underserved populations.

• $35,000 Piermont Straus Foundation Marketing Rocklands Art Artists and Culture, a collective effort of dozens of large and small arts and culture organizations coming together for the first time to develop an arts map in various media featuring Rockland’s unique art, theater, music and film organizations, an effort that promises to boost tourism county-wide.

• $33,000 Jawonio Workforce Development Training Program to provide both hard and soft skills training for individuals with disabilities, dislocated workers, and other populations with barriers to employment in Rockland. Individuals will receive training in green commercial cleaning or as a Direct Support Professional.

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