Your Tax Cut Is In Jeopardy – Save It!

By Legislator Toney Earl (D – Hillcrest)
Majority Leader
Rockland County Legislature

Tony Earl
Tony Earl

When the Rockland County Legislature approved the 2017 budget with a tax cut for Rockland’s long-suffering property taxpayers, few could have envisioned the political grandstanding that followed from politicians AGAINST giving you a tax cut. Then again, the unexpected seems to happen often in Rockland – and taxpayers are tired of it.

I was so proud when the Legislative Majority, along with Legislator Doug Jobson, worked to pass a balanced and responsible budget that pays down our deficit and reduces your taxes. It has been a long time coming, and with our financial condition improving, our taxpayers deserve a break too. Sadly, not every Rockland official agrees.

The County Executive has just issued several vetoes of our carefully crafted budget. The consequences of those vetoes are far-ranging, and will negatively impact services that residents rely on, and completely removes the tax cut – and replaces it with a tax increase.

These irresponsible actions jeopardize our government’s financial future, and most importantly, that of our residents. I am disappointed that there are those who would voluntarily choose to pursue an agenda of tax increases that will hurt every family in Rockland, when a positive alternative was found and reached to reduce everyone’s taxes.

Now the process moves back to the Legislature. The Legislature has the ability to override the vetoes of the County Executive, and can actually restore the tax cuts passed in our budget. However, such a move requires the votes of 12 Legislators. Eleven Legislators voted in favor of your tax cut, so we will need one more Republican Legislator to stand with us and save your tax cut.

I urge everyone in the public to reach out to their Legislator at 638-5100, and ask them to stand with the majority of Legislators – and residents – who want to see their taxes cut in 2017. Together, we can complete our financial turnaround and put your money where it belongs – in your pockets – and not in the pockets of politicians who want to spend it.

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