Antrim Players put on “It’s A Wonderful Life” as a radio play


Following the hilarious production of “A Shot In The Dark”, the production of “It’s A Wonderful Life [On Air]” is a live broadcast of the story with a radio studio, a cast of six reading from radio scripts and doing several parts each, two sound effects ladies and all the makings of a real live radio broadcast.

It was presented last weekend as a holiday special and was performed to perfection. The story of George Bailey of Bedford Falls, a man who only wanted to leave his tiny village and go out into the world, but found himself trapped in place due to his father’s struggling building and loan company, and then his father’s death as well as Uncle Billy’s careless losing of $8,000 in a buildings and loan deposit to the cranky old Henry.

Bailey marries Mary for whom he would lasso the moon. They have three children, but George is stuck with to care for the buildings and loan albatross and ultimately despairs, attempting to drown himself to get insurance money for his family. Enter Clarence, Angel First Class, working for his wings. George’s guardian angel! He grants George his wish that he had never been born and the play works out to the revelation of just how important George Bailey was to Bedford Falls and its people.

Produced by Kim Farewell, “Life [On Air]” featured stellar performances from Susan Binder, Ken Karman, Meghann Flynn, Tom Mazzaratta, Shawn McDonald and Rhea Vogel. They are all very talented and well-directed by Neil Battinelli and Lauren Widener.

I rate the show Four Stars Out Of Four!!!!

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