ROCKLAND OFFICALS TELL GOV. CUOMO NO: Universal outrage over commutation of Brinks terrorist Judith Clarke’s sentence


coloradjustedjudithclarkNEW CITY- Rockland PBA President Chris Tiernan stood on the steps of Rockland Superior Court and blasted NY Governor Andrew Cuomo at a Wednesday afternoon rally against the governor’s commutation of Judith Clark’s life sentence. “Andrew Cuomo got it wrong when he said [1981 Brinks Robbery co-conspirator and convicted cop killer Judith Clark] was a young 20-something.”

“[Convicted cop-killer Judith Clark] was a 31-year-old career felon with a baby at home, not some young 20-something,” Tiernan said.

DA Zugibe, a registered Democrat, continued to out the nefarious political decision of NY Governor Andrew Cuomo (D). Rockland Sheriff Louis Falco, also a Democrat, agreed. Falco said, “When Andrew Cuomo made this decision to release [convicted cop-killer Judith Clark], it truly showed how out of touch he is with the people that serve under him.”

Brinks terrorist Judith Clarke
Brinks terrorist Judith Clarke

Over 300 people gathered on Rockland Courthouse’s east lawn, as bomb-sniffing dogs and off-duty law enforcement personnel gathered together to show their support for keeping Judith Clark’s original 75 years to life sentence intact. The governor commuted the sentence this week, making her eligible for parole.

Suspended Clarkstown Chief Michael Sullivan said he felt the same way every other law enforcement personnel felt. “It was hard to get through another holiday season without them,” remembered Sullivan. “It’s been a long 35 years, 35 years that these men couldn’t watch their children grow up, 35 years that they couldn’t come home and kiss their wives. The fact that they are dead and she is still alive shows what a truly compassionate society that we live in. I think she should stay where she is.”

Rockland County Executive Ed Day, a former police chief, spoke clearly about the havoc and lawlessness convicted cop killer and domestic terrorist Judith Clark and members of her terrorist network not only caused in Rockland County but the entire nation.

On October 20, 1981 members of the ‘Weather Underground’ and the so-called ‘Black Liberation Movement’ robbed an armored Brinks truck with $1.6 million dollars at the Nanuet Mall. They were armed with automatic firing rifles and had a complicated and tight knit group of terrorists and criminals to rely on if their plans failed.

Three fathers were left slain that mid-fall day, nine children left to grow up without their fathers.  Officer Waverly “Chipper” Brown and Sgt. Edward O’Grady were acting on behalf of Nyack Police Dept. and Peter Paige was working security detail for the Brinks Truck. All three men have been remembered every year at a memorial service held at the intersection of Mountainview Ave and Route 59 with full salutes and honors.

Nyack police intercepted several of the getaway cars and a deadly and massive gun battle ensued. Off-duty personnel saw the battle and helped apprehend some of the suspects. Clearly there were many co-conspirators who evaded apprehension and disappeared into the underground terrorist network, and others law enforcement officials took decades to catch.

According to DA Zugibe, Judith Clark knows of more terrorists involved, but has failed to cooperate with police at any point during her past 35-year jail stay. “For Andrew Cuomo to stand there and call her honest is a disgrace,” said DA Zugibe at the Courthouse rally against Judith Clark’s release.

The rally recalled insurmountable amounts of evidence collected on Judith Clark’s extensive involvement with radical groups, and international terror organizations. “Many in the law enforcement community believe Judith Clark was involved in several armored car robberies in the Riverdale section of Bronx and several more armored car robberies in Connecticut,” said Clarkstown Police Officer John Hanchar.

PO Hanchar, was the nephew of Sgt. Edward O’Grady. Hanchar continued, “The three minutes Gov. Cuomo spent with Judith Clark was three more minutes than [Gov. Cuomo] spent with any member of our family. And it was three more minutes than we can ever have with our lost loved ones.”

Hanchar concluded his speech by holding up a sign with his phone number and said, “Hey Andrew, why don’t you give me a call so we can discuss this?”

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