Cuomo SOS: Fantasy We Can’t Afford

Reclaim New York executive director Brandon Muir offered the following response to Governor Cuomo’s State of the State speech in Manhattan Monday morning:

“Ever the showman, the Governor apparently continues to think he’s some combination of Robert Moses, FDR, and Santa Claus. The sad fact is that in most of New York, unemployment is up, savings rates are down, and job growth is weak to nonexistent. Residents continue to flee the state at the highest rate in the nation. Giveaway schemes to bribe private companies to create jobs aren’t working.

“Rather than Bernie Sanders-inspired policies aimed at getting national headlines, we need the governor to stop spending money that taxpayers simply don’t have. New Yorkers aren’t political props, and there’s no such thing as ‘free.’ New York’s middle class is struggling because of high income and property taxes, neither were seriously addressed in Governor Cuomo’s lengthy fantasy wish-list.

“Despite what he told New Yorkers this morning, the middle class will have to pay for these grand visions, and giveaways. We had hoped for honesty. So far, all we have is a fantasy we can’t afford.”
About Reclaim New York: Reclaim New York is a non-partisan, non-profit 501(c)3 organization that empowers citizens, through education and civic engagement, to make New York a better place to live, work, and raise a family.

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