Lodge’s First Beefsteak Dinner Planned for Saturday, March 18

New York City’s Beefsteak Dinners started in the late 1800s and they were traditionally all-male gatherings held in rustic taverns or dingy cellars where, sitting on crates or stools, the men would tell stories, sing, eat steaks, and drink beer or ale with abandon. Etiquette was out the window, there were no utensils used and getting grease on your apron was part of the appeal. Participants ate tender morsels of beefsteak brought to the tables on platters and sitting atop bread saturated in gravy. According to at least one article, the dinners went unisex sometime in the 1920s. At some point, diners who wanted to save their appetites for the beef, decided to use the bread to build towers which have grown into a Beefsteak Dinner tradition, often resulting in fierce competitions for the biggest and best.

On Saturday, March 18, The Blauvelt Sons of Italy Lodge 2176, will host its first Beefsteak dinner and with a comedy twist. The more traditional dinner portion of the evening will begin at 6:30 pm, followed by a comedy show AT 8:30 pm featuring Johnny Watson, Regina DeCicco, Brett Druck and Rob Stats. There will also be a 50/50 raffle and drawings for various prizes throughout the evening.

Tickets are $65 per person which includes dinner, beer, wine and dessert. Space is limited. Those interested in attending are encouraged to purchase their tickets early by calling 201-280-3111 or sending an email to

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