To the Editor,

I would like to sincerely wish all of my constituents a very happy, healthy, and successful 2017.

I’m truly grateful and honored to continue working on your behalf in the State Assembly. Over the past four years, I’ve worked with members of all parties to deliver results for our district: securing a 20% increase in state aid for our local schools; fighting to ensure the Village of Kiryas Joel is held accountable to the same laws as everyone else; bringing back money for important infrastructure projects; and pushing for real and long-overdue relief from sky-high property taxes.

Whether you were a resident with both Trump and Skoufis signs in your lawn (there were many) or you were a Clinton-Skoufis voter, my continued pledge is to always work hard – 24/7 – and fight for our community’s best interests.

Our law enforcement professionals must be respected, period. This includes ensuring Judith Clarke remains in jail. The men and women who keep us safe have always been – and will always be – top of mind when I vote on legislation.

There are a number of road rehabilitations I am pushing to take place in 2017. One project already scheduled for this summer that I secured funding for is phase two of the Palisades Parkway repairs: from the PIP Bookstore down to Haverstraw in Rockland County.

My single, top priority for North Rockland is securing relief from the Mirant debt crisis. My colleague Ken Zebrowski and I have worked tirelessly in the Assembly to build support for our local taxpayers and students. So many residents, business owners, teachers, and school district officials have worked hand-in-hand with us – we won’t stop fighting until we get long-overdue, much-needed state relief.

As we enter 2017, these are a sampling of my top priorities. I always welcome input and feedback so please reach out to me anytime with your thoughts. Thank you once again for affording me the privilege to continue representing you.

James Skoufis
Member of Assembly for Stony Point

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