Supervisor Hoehmann, Town Board Announce Two Public Hearings on Establishing Ward System in Clarkstown

PRESS RELEASE – Supervisor George Hoehmann and the Town Board announce two public hearings for establishing the ward district boundary lines within the Town of Clarkstown.  The hearings will be during the January 31 and March 7 Town Board meetings at Clarkstown Town Hall, 10 Maple Ave., New City, at 7:30 p.m.

Public comment will be an integral part in deciding how ward boundaries will be drawn.  The town has already begun an information campaign to various community and civic groups to receive input from their stakeholders.  In addition, for residents or community organizations unable to attend the public hearings, the Town has created an email address where public comments may be electronically submitted.  Those wishing to submit via email can do so by using  All comments submitted via email will go into the public record along with comments made during the public hearings.

“In continuing our dedication to open government we not only want to hear from every resident on this issue, but we are making it as easy as possible for any resident or group to comment on the ward system,” said Supervisor George Hoehmann.  “The ward system represents local government at its best, where the needs of a community are brought to the forefront.  I encourage everyone to let their voice be heard.”

The ward system was approved by the voters in November 2015 and the Town Board has started the process to draw the ward boundaries.  One councilmember will be elected from each of the four wards.

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