Documents reveal former CPD detective monitored popular Facebook page critical of department


Emails between former Clarkstown detective and Rockland County Intel Unit member Stephen Cole-Hatchard and his underling Kara Donahue show a curious interest in the social media postings of local citizens, the Rockland County Times has learned. Donahue sent Cole-Hatchard a 13-page email using a town email account on Dec. 11, 2015, which mainly focused on the comments and “likes” of local residents posting on the Clarkstown What They Don’t Want You to Know page’s “How Much Should it Take to Run a Police Department” article.

It is unclear what law enforcement purpose such snooping had.  The activist page is known for attracting folks who wish to cut the size of town government, specifically the police force. It has never been associated with any criminal or violent behavior. Donahue zoomed in on the likes of each resident so their faces and names were prominent and easily readable.

The Clarkstown PD is already the subject of one lawsuit due to monitoring of Black Lives Matter-affiliated activity in Rockland County. Now at least one other citizen whose name Donahue snapshot warns he is considering his own lawsuit. Upon learning of the emails and observing the evidence, Clarkstown resident Howie Lerner said he is considering the legal implications. If he feels authorities have or intend to suppress his rights in any way, he will sue, he told the Rockland County Times.

Meanwhile two local activists told the Rockland County Times they had been harassed within the borders of the Town of Clarkstown by unmarked vehicles in 2015 and early 16. Both activists had the same reaction: They didn’t believe what appeared to be happening was really happening and then came to the conclusion they were being harrassed by unknown individuals who were authorities of some sort. Who the authorities were remains unknown.

See the attached photo gallery to observe the snooping of Donahue and Cole-Hatchard. Click one of the images and the gallery will open. The first two documents are the email page sent from Donahue to Cole Hatchard and the 10 following images are the files she sent.


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