RIP Officer King
RIP Officer King

The Clarkstown Police Department regrets to announce the passing of retired police K9 “King,” longtime partner of PO Bob Reilly. King passed away last Thursday.  He had retired in 2016 after eight years of “exemplary” service to the Department and to the Town of Clarkstown.

“King” was an 11-year-old German Shepherd born in the Czech Republic, named in the memory of Sean King, son of Doctor Richard King of Valley Cottage. He was trained as a “dual purpose” K-9, trained to detect narcotics, article searches and tracking. During his years of service, King contributed to the Department’s daily effort to keep the community safe and keep illegal drugs off the streets of Clarkstown. During his tenure police credited “King” with locating large amounts of narcotics, assisting in countless arrests, detecting firearms, recovering evidence and locating missing persons.

King also received SWAT training and was deployed with the Department’s Critical Incident Response Team serving to clear buildings and search for dangerous suspects. King was credited with locating several violent felons with notable achievement in his 2009 apprehension of Eric Lau, the convicted murderer of resident Jami Erlich.

He was also credited with successfully tracking and locating a missing elderly male with dementia who disappeared on a winter night when the temperature was below freezing. King was also especially popular with children during his K9 demonstrations at schools, various community groups and at the Clarkstown Recreation Summer Camps.

CPD Public Affairs Office said, “King, much like the men and women of the Department, was dedicated to serve, protect, trained to go into harm’s way with courage and resolve. He would have it no other way.”

After eight years of dedicated service King was retired in 2016 and enjoyed his last year with Officer Reilly and his family.

CPD said, “The most important component to a successful Canine Team is the K9 Officer’s dedication and love for his service dog that goes well beyond an 8-hour tour of duty as King was a member of the Reilly Family and we extend our sympathy to Bob and his family.”

“So to King, well done lad and we honor your service and mourn your passing. End of Watch… Thursday, February 2, 2017.”

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