LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ignore the nonsense, temporary travel ban is wise move

To the Editor,

With all the nonsense and hysterics by Democrats in response to Trump’s temporary travel ban for seven nations, it tells me the liberals don’t give a hoot about the safety of the American people. This is one of Trump’s campaign promises, which, unlike Obama and his promises, he intends to keep and he is doing all he can to do just that. It’s a temporary travel ban, jerks, not a Muslim ban.

Although, if you look at stats for terror attacks there is an overlap between terror and Muslim populations. In 1993 Islamic radicals drove a truck into the garage of the Twin Towers. Then there was the USS Cole and on and on until we had the catastrophe on September 11. A disproportionate number of attacks on the United States and in recent years Europe and Russia have come at the hands of Islamic radicals and militants.

We must allow President Trump’s administration to review and toughen our security procedures so we can protect American citizens by stopping Islamic extremists or any other so-called radical from entering and operating within our borders. Remember, many of the September 11 hijackers were here legally!

Trump made his intentions clear during the campaign, so the left better get on the America first bandwagon or at least get out of the way. You all took an oath and protection of American citizens should be first on your agenda. So to all against President Trump, wake up, or the next terror attack will be in our backyard.

An extremely concerned American citizen,

Rosemary Mariotti

Stony Point

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