DINNER IS SERVED: Rhode’s North Tavern, Sloatsburg


I have been thinking of where to do my next installment so driving through Sloatsburg recently I thought of Rhodes’ Tavern on Route 17. It is owned by Tyler Rhodes who is known far and wide for his support for the men and women in blue so I decided on going there. I has plenty of seating and parking so no matter how crowded it is there is not much of a wait.

I was seated and served immediately by the very friendly Joy, who was helpful but did not hover which can be annoying and I appreciated it. My only quandary was that the menu was so huge I saw several things that whetted my taste buds. The seafood selection all looked good and they had my old standby Cobb Salad. But the one thing they had that I don’t see elsewhere around here anymore which was their German Platter.

The only thing that matches my love of seafood is my love of German food. On that, it has long been a wonderment of mine that the census always shows that next to the Irish the Germans comprise the next largest ethnic group in Rockland County, yet there are no German eateries or even delis here anymore.

When I get the taste for it I have to travel all the way up to New Paltz for the Mountain Brauhaus. So I chose that today. I began with my usual seltzer with a lemon wedge and the spinach/artichoke dip with chips. In retrospect, I think that would be a good lead in for the Cobb Salad for another time, as I enjoyed it and it was piping hot and very tasty.

The platter consisted of a bratwurst, a knockwurst, and a frankfurter which actually tasted more like a smoked bratwurst – which is a good thing. It was accompanied by a half plate of red cabbage with spaetzle, which for those unfamiliar with it, is a German noodle. It had a slight apple flavor with some applesauce on the side.

I couldn’t hold any dessert which is my norm, so I concluded my meal with the main course. I met the owner and thanked him for his support for those who protect and serve us. The whole experience came to an even $27. I promised to return and try the other items which caught my eye.

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