CLARKSTOWN UPDATE: Hoehmann Confirms FBI Investigation, Meanwhile Sullivan is Rumored as Potential Opponent for 2017

Police Chief Michael Sullivan’s displinary hearings took an interesting turn when Clarkstown Supervisor George Hoehmann stated the reason his administration took steps to secure the town’s computer networks-include the police network-was the FBI had been investigating whether his predecessor Alex Gromack’s regime had destroyed documents and date.

Hoehmann brought up the FBI investigation Tuesday while he was being questioned by Sullivan’s defense attorney Richard Glickel. The suspended Chief Sullivan faces 22 charges for alleged misconduct brought against him by the Town Board.

Hoehmann testified that he was informed that emails, subpoenas and other federal documents were being destroyed. He said his administration worked “to secure the network” by changing the town’s email and document retention policy.

“I don’t know what he’s talking about,” Gromack told Lohud. “To the best of my knowledge, there were no files taken or destroyed during my tenure.”

Last week Sullivan announced he paid to have data from his town cell phone recovered after he had destroyed the phone. Clarkstown Detective Stephen Cole-Hatchard, who headed up a county intel unit, resigned after questions over his removal of a hard drive from town property.

Hoehmann said he had “lost confidence” in Sullivan and there were constant inconsistencies in the management of the Police Department. Sullivan and Glickel contend Hoehmann and the board have mishandled the situation and unfairly punished him.

Sullivan has a contingent of support within the community and he is rumored as a potential Democratic candidate to face off against Supervisor Hoehmann in the 2017 election. No candidate has officially been announced to oppose Hoehmann as yet, however.




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