The Rockland County Times has learned that Police Academy Director Stephen Heubeck will be questioned by legislators about paperwork that he filed, which according to several sources, falsely stated certified instructors taught five Academy security guard classes.

It is alleged the classes were taught by three other individuals who were uncertified and due to the improper protocol, 63 security may need to be recertified. Heubeck has been recommended for a contract extension by Sheriff Louis Falco. Orangetown Police Chief Nulty and Clarkstown Captain Ovchinikoff joined Falco at a Public Safety Hearing last week, where Heubeck’s contract was scheduled to be voted upon.

Several legislators appeared ready to approve Heubeck’s new contact, but Legislator Laurie Santulli wanted to open questioning of Heubeck about the paperwork controversy. At that point Legislator Aron Wieder tabled the matter until the next committee hearing, claiming he wanted to learn more about the situation. Sources said the paperwork issue has been looked into by the county attorney and the NY Attorney General’s Office. The Rockland DA recused his office from the case, according to the sources.

It is expected that a lawsuit will be filed against Heubeck as a result of internal fallout over the paperwork controversy.

More on this story next week. 

Michael Hull contributed to this report

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