Black sheep of the Beckerle family back in jail after bizarre crime spree


Matthew Beckerle of Pearl River is back in Rockland County Jail after a series of alleged offenses including stalking one of his victims from a 2015 DWI-induced truck accident, shoplifting and finally an altercation with a local police officer.

A drunken Matthew Beckerle injured four people-three seriously-in June 2015, when he lost control of a Beckerle Lumber truck going over 90 miles per hour. Beckerle’s victims included an elderly New City woman Vera Parker and three young women 23-years-of-age. Beckerle ultimately served six months in jail and received five years probation.

Beckerle appeared contrite during trial proceedings. In recent weeks, however, Beckerle has been accused of bizarre behavior.

First, in February, he allegedly embarked on a campaign of inappropriate behavior toward the 85-year-old Parker.

A person close to the case told the Rockland County Times that on or around February 16, 2017 Beckerle showed up at Vera Parker’s New City home and began an argument with her, saying among other things that she was to blame for the 2015 wreck. The police were called and Beckerle left the property.

Beckerle then capped off his already eventful day with an arrest for shoplifting, the source told the Rockland County Times.

Beckerle managed to avoid a return to Rockland County jail that day, but not for long. He allegedly returned to Parker’s neighborhood two more times and was found on her neighbor’s property.

When questioned by the neighbor why he was there he reportedly said he had come to “help Mrs. Parker” with something.

A police officer from Parker’s neighborhood either noticed or was told about Beckerle’s behavior and attempted to intervene. An altercation ensued, leading to Beckerle’s arrest and a trip to Rockland County Jail. He remains in the jail over three weeks later, the Rockland County Times has learned.

A source close to the case provided the Rockland County Times with this information. The Clarkstown PD did not issue a press release. A request for police reports and official information will be filed.

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