Clarkstown Supervisor George Hoehmann and supporters gathered at the Congers Veterans Memorial club on Lake Rd. this week as Hoehmann announced the kickoff of his 2017 campaign. He told the Rockland County Times he doesn’t expect it to be as expensive or negative as the 2015 battle with Alex Gromack. That race set a record for spending and negative advertising for a town supervisor’s seat in the county. Hoehmann told supporters he has kept his promises, which he listed as: Cutting taxes, borrowing less and paying down debt, reducing spending, increasing transparency and fighting illegal housing and overdevelopment. Hoehmann’s first term has also seen him have a public and not completely popular clash with suspended Chief of Police Michael Sullivan. An arbitrator will rule on charges of misconduct against Sullivan some time in the next four to six weeks. In the meantime, Hoehmann and the Town Board mnanaged to negotiate a reduction in the police budget, which he hopes will help his cause.

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