Supporters turn out for “no knock” law in Stony Point


Stony Point’s RHO building was filled to capacity with residents who are tired of being “encouraged to get out while the getting is good.”

The unwelcome knocks at the door at 8 a.m., people walking in the back yards and realtors who persist on telling homeowners their property values could go down were the crux of the March 28 meeting, where the Town Board presented its proposed amendments to its current soliciting and peddling law.

The public hearing drew dozens of people who have received postcards and visits encouraging them to sell their homes and bow to the inevitable. The prevailing attitude of Stony Pointers was the inevitable would not happen to their community.

Speaker after speaker denounced the unwarranted realtor solicitations and were told by Supervisor Jim Monaghan their response should be to call the police. The Board also discussed raising the fines for such unwelcome solicitations to a minimum of $2,500, which would increase by an additional $2,500 for each offense.

Deputy Supervisor Councilman Tom Basile said the town’s new law is essentially going to focus on dealing with predatory solicitors. “When the practice of any group or business is perceived as predatory or a nuisance that impacts residents’ ability to enjoy their property, we have a responsibility to protect them…I appreciate the involvement of the members of our community in this important discussion.”

“We must act on this immediately,” added Councilman Jim White. “We can’t get this law into place quickly enough.”

In other news, it was announced Lieutenant Keith Williams of the Stony Point Police Department would be retiring this year. Sgt. Dan Hylas and Det. Ed Finn will receive promotions within the dept.

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