Name: Sara Ferraro

Sport: Softball – 2 HR’s including a grand slam, 4/8, 3 runs scored and 7 RBI’s.

Favorite Subject:  
Statistics, because she likes solving problems.

Favorite Teacher:  Three way unbreakable tie between: (in no specific order)

Mrs. Hampsey due to her brilliance and challenging class, Mrs. Riccioli because she is the best and Mrs. Gavioli who is an excellent teacher.

Favorite/Most Influential Coach:  Marc Russo who was Sara’s travel coach for softball.  Coach Russo is knowledgeable about the game and it was fun playing for him.

Hobbies/Life Off The Field:  Sara volunteers her time at the ambulance corp where she gets an opportunity to help people.  In addition to volunteering and playing softball she is an avid volleyball player.

Favorite Food/Restaurant:  Pizza from Cicero’s/Her uncle’s restaurant in Staten Island called Marie’s.

Favorite Music Artist:  Kanye West and The Beatles

What will you miss most about South?  Sara will miss playing varsity volleyball and softball, her friends she has made and the teachers at South.

Life After High School:  In the Fall Sara will be attending a 4 year university/college (TBD) where she will study medicine.  She is leaning towards orthopedics and engineering so she can possibly make prosthetics.

Most Memorable Moments As A Student-Athlete Viking: Being a member of the varsity softball team as a freshman and attending the NYS Softball Championships.

If You Had A Free Trip Anywhere……. Where Would You Go?
Italy to experience the culture and history.
Name: Ryan Hennelly
Sport: Tennis – 1st Team All County 2 years in a row and won his last match.
Favorite Subject:  History
Favorite Teacher:  Mr. Boyd  because he genuinely wants every student to do well and succeed.

Favorite/Most Influential Coach:  Coach Mascola is Ryan’s favorite coach because he is tough when he needs to be and understanding and light hearted at other times.
Hobbies/Life Off The Field:  Ryan enjoys hanging out with friends and hiking various locations in NY State (Breakneck Ridge in Cold Spring is one of his favorites).

Favorite Food/Restaurant:  Ribeye steak (medium rare) and spaghetti with marinara sauce (al dente)  /Sco-Joes in LBI.

Favorite Music Artist:  Bon Jovi
What will you miss most about South?  Ryan will miss the teachers and attending after school athletic events like basketball games and football games with his friends.

Life After High School:  In the Fall Ryan will be attending SUNY Oneonta and will possibly walk onto the tennis team.

Most Memorable Moments As A Student-Athlete Viking: When Ryan and Liam Tracey won their doubles playoff game in a super tie break.
If You Had A Free Trip Anywhere……. Where Would You Go?
South America to visit the rainforest.

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