WHAT’S BEST IN THE SOUTHWEST: Review of Essence of Tranquillity Natural Hot Springs in Safford, Arizona


Follow Michelle Rios as she finds out what’s best in the southwest

I found the place easily by way of my car’s navigation system. I arrived late around 8 p.m. I had already let my host know that I would be.

I am rarely on time to anything and rather enjoy being free to do as I please, as I so choose.

1The woman who took my reservation is also the owner. A kind, accommodating, happy woman named Clarisse.

She gave me a map and a quick run down in tub hours, etc. I was excited to learn they are unlimited all night for casita guests after 9 p.m.

The casitas do not have their own private restroom. The restrooms are community and the separate shower is also shared, nonetheless I had privacy during my stay and never had to wait.

I tried out two of the nine tubs and loved the amazing energy I felt. I would love if they could do a roll back top of some kind and allow for an awesome view of the desert stars. It may not feel so closed in.

Even so it was a slice of much needed calm. I am usually an indoorsy kind of girl but I do enjoy camping every now and then.

I walked the grounds a little and noticed the clean community kitchen w/living room and plenty of seating inside and outside w/a stocked kitchen.

The place is “Rustic Chic” in that you feel you are roughing it due to the state of some things being in disrepair, yet you can plug in a curling iron and charge your cellphone while enjoying clean linens. And then schedule a massage or ear candle treatment.

The gift shop has an array of cool artsy type jewelry and hippie attire for those who like to shop. I enjoyed the smell of Doterra essential oils and the overall feeling of well being.

It was a fun little adventure and I plan to return for my inner hippie.

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