Legislature inSAINity


Many Clarkstown residents have come to me about the sale of the Rockland County Sain Building at 18 New Hempstead Road in New City. The building is owned by the County of Rockland and has fallen into disrepair. Under the leadership of our County Executive, Ed Day, County Government is consolidating. Having already dropped 22% of its workforce, the building is no longer needed as employees are moving to other government offices and buildings.

A company has twice offered to buy the Sain Building for $4.5 million dollars and develop senior housing on the property. However, the Rockland County Ramapo Legislators, a block of five, recently voted against having the Sain Building deemed surplus, killing the sale of the building.

As Supervisor of Clarkstown, I wholeheartedly support the sale of the Sain Building. Most importantly, the sale would put this valuable property back on our tax rolls and increase our tax revenue by $500,000. While we cut taxes by 1.7% for 2017, this enhanced revenue would certainly help us with future tax cuts.

For every, $1million dollars saved, Clarkstown residents can approximately see a 1% tax cut. $500,000 would put us half-way there. Since taking office as Supervisor, my administration has worked hard to cut government spending and has cut town taxes in the first time in over 30 years.

In addition to the much needed tax relief, the potential buyer would meet a much needed priority for our growing senior population. Seniors tell me on a daily basis that they want to downsize from their homes, and stay in this great town. The sale of the Sain Building could take an eyesore out of downtown New City and give seniors a new option for housing.

Redevelopment of the property would bring in new jobs, and would be good for existing businesses in New City. It is time for the Sain Building to go and I call upon the Ramapo Legislators to stop playing politics and ask you to do the same.

The Ramapo Legislators are doing a disservice to us all! In blocking the sale, the Ramapo Legislators have single handedly killed this deal and have penalized the residents of Clarkstown by denying us much needed senior housing and increased revenue from property taxes. The Legislators from Ramapo are blocking the sale for no apparent reason. As Supervisor, I reject the obstructionist tactics of the Ramapo block legislators who are negatively impacting Clarkstown. I urge the residents to make their voices heard, call these Ramapo Legislators and tell them to stop holding Clarkstown hostage and sell the Sain Building.

Toney L. Earl – (845)-638-5754

Ilan S. Schoenberger – (845)-638-5754

Alden H. Wolfe – (845)-638-5269

Aron B. Weider – (845)-638-5754

Phillip Soskin – (845)-638-5753



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