TIME TO MAKE THE DRAMA: Dunkin’ Donuts expansion causing consternation on Willow Grove Road BY ALLISON WHITE

Stony Point’s Planning Board will be meeting May 25 at 7 p.m. to review a new site plan for the expansion of the Dunkin’ Donuts/Mini Mart at Willow Grove Road. The owner of the property has dropped his original plan to expand the building on the site by 150 percent as a compromise with concerned residents and Planning Board members.  The reduction means that there will be no inside seating.

One of the concerns neighbors have about the business owner’s plan is that an exit from the store’s parking lot will be added onto Algonquin Drive. Signs have been posted along Algonquin encouraging residents to attend the Planning Board meeting in order to resist the expansion.

Also on the agenda is the review of a Gate Hill Day Camp Two site plan and to sign an application for an electronic sign installation at the Stony Point Ambulance Corps Facility.

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