To the Editor,

Thank God your paper with its collection of fake news is not read by many and sits on store shelves not being read. Nevertheless, I must try to educate you on my administration. I was elected to fight corruption in Spring Valley from those who you have supported in the past. Under my watch the village tax assessment went from $92 million to next year being $264 million plus.

Soon, many, if not all of the village roads in need of repair will be done. Our park where our children play is in dire need of repair. The board majority of three have voted against this. By the end of the year I expect those who you support arrested or in jail. I am the longest public official in the village and was never arrested or investigated for corruption.

I am preparing to deal with your bias and slander in court but first must deal with the removal in handcuffs from the village all of your friends.

Mayor Demeza Delhomme
Village of Spring Valley


Spring Valley Mayor Demeza Delhomme has repeatedly inferred that the Rockland County Times has friends in the Village of Spring Valley with whom we’ve taken common cause against him. In a delirious rant to a secretary at the newspaper’s office, he accused the Times of being “with the Hasidics.” In reality, the newspaper does not have a relationship with any trustee or prominent official in the village, nor with the nebulously referred-to “Hasidics.”

When Delhomme took power in late 2013, he began acting in a rash and bombastic manner, making such proclamations as “I am the king of the village,” failing to clean the village roads during a snow storm, inappropriately spending taxpayer money on a new car, driving that car on personal time, spending a night in jail for failing to follow a judge’s order and other infamous acts. At that point, the newspaper lent some editorial support to those who were attempting to remove him from office, like the late Tony Gerard, Esq. and the three trustees working to mitigate his powers.

As the drama has unfolded in Spring Valley, however, the Rockland County District’s Attorney Office has arrested two of Delhomme’s rivals, Vilair Fonvil and Walter Booker, on corruption charges, while Delhomme has not faced any criminal charges of corruption. Though Walter Booker won his case in court, the effect of these arrests has been to eliminate any faith in those resisting Delhomme. To the public, the village appears to simply be a mess.

Meanwhile, Delhomme faces the very real possibility of being removed from office within a matter of weeks. He is awaiting the decision of an arbitrator appointed by the New York State Appeals Court who will rule on charges of discrimination, malfeasance and abuse of power. For the case against him to have even progressed to this stage is remarkable and rare.

And, of course, it is laughable that the mayor would threaten to sue the newspaper for expressing views he dislikes.

Here is the real truth: The Village of Spring Valley can be likened to a “failed state” and discussion of dissolving the entity altogether should begin in earnest.

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