On June 4 from 1PM-7PM HealthSav LLC will conduct FREE Hands Only CPR Training at the Palisades Mall in the East Court which is on the ground level between customer service and Macy’s.

The United States Congress declared the first week in June as National CPR & AED Awareness Week in 2008 and since its inception HealthSav has conducted FREE CPR training for the public on the Sunday of that week. In 2010 The American Heart Association created the Hands Only CPR protocol which can be taught in just a few minutes. The training at the mall will take less than five minutes and is open to all ages who stop by.

People will be taught how to determine if CPR is needed and get to practice chest compressions on a professional CPR manikin. Cardiac Arrest requires immediate CPR and any delay will lesson a person’s chance for survival. Minutes are all it will take for someone to die if they have stopped breathing. CPR is the only way someone can assist someone who has collapsed and stopped breathing. There is no time to wait for help, you must become the help.

Last year this event at the Mall trained 252 people in Hands Only CPR. This year we have a goal of surpassing 400 trained. Many are fearful of legal action if they attempt to assist in an emergency but Good Samaritan Laws protect yo from liability. People mistakenly think that if they perform CPR that they are required to do mouth to mouth. Hands Only CPR removes the “yuck” factor of putting ones mouth on someone they do not know. People are also afraid that they might do something wrong and hurt the individual. You can only help. They are already clinically dead if they need CPR and there is nothing anyone can do to make it worse. Standing by and doing nothing is the worst thing anyone can do.

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