Assemblyman Karl Brabenec (R,TCN-Deerpark) [center back] joins legislators in Albany for the 7th Annual Animal Advocacy Day

Assemblyman Karl Brabenec (R,TCN-Deerpark) proudly supported the animals of New York at the legislature’s 7th annual Animal Advocacy Day. With the day’s focus on passing legislation to continue to protect animals and their owners in New York, a variety of pets came to visit Albany.

“Animals bring such joy to everyday life,” said Brabenec. “Just look at the many smiling faces at today’s event. Sadly, many animals suffer from unnecessary abuse or harm. This is why it is important that we continue to protect these animals that bring so much light to our lives by simply loving us. I was proud to join my colleagues and local pet lovers for this wonderful event and am hopeful we can work together and continue to be the voice against abuse, neglect and mistreatment of these loving pets.”

Assemblyman Brabenec represents the 98th District, which includes the towns of Deerpark, Greenville, Minisink, Warwick, Tuxedo, Monroe, and Ramapo. For more information, please visit his Official Website

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