To the Editor,

As a Haverstraw resident it was delightful to see the two Haverstraw Democratic legislators, Michael Grant and Jay Hood, change their opposition and vote to approve the resolution to designate the Sain building property surplus. Also, Harriet Cornell, Democrat from West Nyack, voted for approval along with the two Republican legislators. This is a very positive indicator that perhaps bi-partisan cooperation is possible in the future for our legislature. It is only the 5 Democratic legislators from the “tarnished and infamous” town of Ramapo who now stand in the way to a resolution.

One would think, in view of the recent governmental criminal activity in Ramapo, at least one of those five legislators from Ramapo would step forward to now vote on behalf of their constituents to help reduce their tax burdern via sale of this obsolete and unneeded property. Further discussion and compromise on this matter in a bipartisan way could help to break the deadlock. I’m sure all supporters of good government in Rockland will voice their support for Ed Day in his prediction that over time the sale will indeed take place. Pay attention Ramapo residents as to what your legislator does and remember his action when you vote in the future.

Congratulations to Michael Grant and Jay Hood.


Tom Cooney

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