The Library Association of Rockland County (LARC) this week announced the winner for their first ever Book of the Year award: Kathleen Kubik’s “The Autumn of Her Years.” 
In 1973, Kubik settled in Rockland with her husband, Richard Kubik, a now retired orthopedic surgeon. She has two daughters, and three grandchildren. She penned her first book, “Neither Sand Nor Sea,” after being inspired on a cruise to the Caribbean. The novel about one year in Carla Montgomery’s life was well received. The theme for “The Autumn of Her Years” came from the song “It Was a Very Good Year.” Although composed about a man, Kubik always thought it could be a woman’s story as well. Martha Scanlon’s story begins in her 17th summer. 
Her life’s journey through the years affirms the realization that a woman may come of age at any age. Kubik has been a member of Salon 20, a local writing group for many years. Five women strong, they meet every two weeks and offer invaluable support. In addition to the $1,000 prize, Kubik will also have a copy of her novel in all 17 of the Rockland libraries.
Forty-seven authors living in Rockland County submitted their published and self-published works for consideration last summer. Each book was read by a wide committee of library staff members, board members, and our guest judge Mary Beth Keane, herself a local author. Keane’s most recent novel “Fever” received rave reviews from many sources including the New York Times Book Review. LARC was honored to have her participate as a judge. The award was made possibly by a $1,000 prize courtesy of the Kurz Family Foundation of Piermont. LARC hopes to make the award an annual event. 
The award will be officially presented on Friday, June 16 at the New City Library as a part of the LARC Annual Meeting. The Book of the Year Award was created to honor and support Rockland’s writers and make their work more visible throughout the county. Submissions will open for the 2018 award on June 16, 2017. Check the site for details.

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