To the Editor,

New York state Senate bill, S2939, which will create a mechanism for the reunification of brothers and sisters who were separately adopted as children, and are now adults, was reported from the New York state Senate Children and Families Committee this week. Because it is late in the 2017 legislative session, the bill was referred to the New York state Senate Rules Committee. It will now be up to the Senate Rules Committee to decide whether to report the bill to the Senate floor.

This is the bill that I suggested be introduced in 1981, and I helped revive two years ago. I got the idea for this bill by reading of the chance reunion of a set of separately adopted identical-triplets in September 1980.

Though I am 66 years old and am living with a psychiatric disability, I try to make myself as useful to society as I can. I was an only child and there were no adoptions in or out of my family. I do this because I believe in it. My parents are long deceased and my friends and acquaintances substitute for the brothers and sisters that I was not given through biology.

Edward Branca
Resident of Spring Valley Rest Home

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