CANINE HOUSE OF HORRORS DISCOVERED IN STONY POINT: 5 pups found dead, several others malnourished at 13 Chestnut St.

Police say many canines have suffered and five had died at 13 Chestnut St., Stony Point

Approximately 8:30 am Thursday, June 22, 2017, the Stony Point Police assisted the Hudson Valley Humane Society in enforcing a search warrant at a private house at 13 Chestnut St, Stony Point, NY. After receiving several complaints of abuse, neglect or otherwise unsanitary conditions for dogs at the location, the HVHS Law Enforcement Division obtained a search warrant and, assisted by the SPPD, found squalid conditions including urine and fecal covered floors and conditions not safe or suitable for dogs. Approximately 21 adult Husky dogs were taken alive from within the small ranch-style home. The dogs were in various stages of health. Dog Control officers from Stony Point, Haverstraw and Orangetown responded and assisted with transportation to Hudson Valley Humane Society and each will be evaluated by a licensed veterinarian.

Further investigation by HVHS agents discovered at least 5 animal carcasses believed to be dogs both within the home and outside the home in trash bags and plastic garbage cans. The police requested the St Pt Town Building Dept, Fire inspector, Rockland Cty Department of Health and the Adult Protective Services to the location. The building was deemed unsafe for human habitation and it was condemned. All utilities have been shut off for safety until the numerous health and building code violations can be addressed.

The HVHS is continuing the investigation of the homeowner, who lives at the residence, for numerous violations and misdemeanors of the law and charges are pending. The homeowner is a 75 year old male, Jerome Adler who lives in the home with his wife.

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