Former CO Olivier found not guilty of forgery

Former Rockland County Corrections Officer Frank Olivier has been found not guilty of felony forgery in a case brought against him by his former employer, the Rockland Sheriff’s Dept.

Olivier’s lawyer Michael Sussman claims Supreme Court Judge Helen Blackwood and another judge involved in the case expressed skepticism throughout the case.

“[The] judges seemed surprised this was made into a felony charge. The judge who decided the case complimented both lawyers and found Mr. Olivier not guilty,” Sussman said.

Sussman is the same lawyer who has helped several COs including Olivier file a federal lawsuit against Sheriff Louis Falco, III and others. The attorney is using this case to build upon their narrative.

Sussman said he believes the case was partly motivated by the lawsuit.

The records of the case were sealed in the not guilty ruling but the original accusations are public. The prosecution said that Olivier had used a “forged” retired CO badge inappropriately when pulled over at a traffic stop.

The Sheriff’s Dept. also claimed Olivier was fired, not retired, and thus should not have a badge that says ‘retired’ on it. Olivier portrayed the situation as a misunderstanding blown out of proportion. The judges saw it his way.

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