SUEZ announced this week the launch of a customer conservation program for its residential and commercial customers in Rockland and Orange counties that offers significant monetary rebates on the purchase of water-saving appliances like toilets, showerheads and washing machines.
The program is part of an innovative collaboration with Orange and Rockland Utilities to help customers save water and energy while lowering their utility bills. Beginning today, SUEZ customers can purchase approved water-savings products at any retailer or online by visiting www.SUEZconserve.comand receive rebates. Approved products must meet WaterSense or EnergyStar standards. 
Combined rebates from SUEZ and O&R can represent a discount of up to 80 percent on selected showerheads. Rebates of $100 on washing machines and $75 on toilets are now also available from SUEZ with more products added in coming months. By upgrading to a more water-efficient device, a family can save the equivalent of one month’s water bill over the course of one year. The purchase of multiple rebates would yield even greater savings. 
“The opportunity for customers to earn substantial rebates and lower their utility bills will help inspire them to replace their old washing machines, toilets, showerheads and other household devices with water and energy efficient appliances,” said Chris Graziano, vice president and general manager of SUEZ operations in New York. “We are excited to join with O&R in this innovative program.” 
O&R launched its own energy conservation program in 2016 featuring rebates on a wide variety of energy efficient products available for purchase online. SUEZ will share that web-based platform.
O&R President and CEO Tim Cawley said, “This program represents a terrific opportunity for those customers served by both O&R and SUEZ to help the environment by using special products designed to save water and energy. Using less water and energy means those customers also will save on their water and energy bills. In addition to the bill savings, both O&R and SUEZ provide an incentive to customers who purchase and install these energy efficiency products.”
SUEZ’s program also allows commercial, multi-family and industrial customers to save money and water. Business customers that use large amounts of water can request free water efficiency assessments that will identify ways to save money by installing water-efficient urinals, showerheads, toilets, washing machines and pre-rinse spray valves.
The SUEZ conservation program was approved by the New York State Public Service Commission in January as part of a five-year plan to reduce water demand. Other components of the plan include a conservation-oriented rate design, advanced metering infrastructure and strengthened leak management measures. These efforts may delay the need to develop additional water resources that may be required to meet Rockland’s long-term water needs.
For additional information about the rebate program, visit

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